Transmission Zero Hour

by Science Heroes

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released February 27, 2010

Co-produced by Science Heroes and Jon Bailey
Recorded by Jon Bailey
Mixed by Ashley Stubbert



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Science Heroes Eugene

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Track Name: In Which Dr. Carter Unleashes Arcane and Malevolent Forces Upon the Waking World
In the corner of the basement I see a shadow on the bricks
They say this house was here back when righteous men hung heretics
Oh God I swear I never cursed, my theories only stated this:
That somewhere between space and place hidden entities exist

And if reality is much more than what we see and hear
Pull back the screen, who knows what's lurking behind there.

There's a green glow on my equipment. Where did this light come from?
These complex equations. Oh God what have I done?
And I swear I never cursed and if I did it was merely this:
I stumbled upon forces best left hid in innocence.
Track Name: Salinas
We found her body in the sandy bed of Salinas river just like the postman said
Sand on her skin and in her sandy blond hair
Cold gray eyes and a cold gray stare

In the moonlight, we all swore we saw her part her lips and drop her jaw
To exhale her killer's name
But all I could make out was 'James'

Lies, lies
Small town lies

Jamie Renolds was the only son of a wealthy vinter who owned the gun
And I knew I could not tell the truth
But one of these days the chicks will come home to roost.

Lies, lies
Small town lies
Go tell Paso Rio
"By her will this dies"
Small town lies
Track Name: Monogamy
I know I said a lot of things before
But if you hear nothing else I'm not your savior
If there's nothing left for me to do
I guess monogamy's too hard for you

So many lovers that I could have known
So many innocent embraces blown
Now I'm just sitting, waiting for that other shoe
being anonymous is hard to do

Flying epitaphs of love reviled
out the window and on the lawn are piled
Oh my beloved this is not you
It's just monogamy is hard to do
Track Name: Babylon
I will deceive you if you want me to
We'll call it heaven
And live in exile for a little while
We'll pass the time

Don't let me lie in Babylon

Seven hells will follow
We'll be carried on the wind
Seven hells will follow
Seven hells will follow
We'll be buried in our--
Seven hells will follow
Track Name: Pistols at Ten Paces
This thing can't live without us
This briddle and bit can't rule our tongues
It pours salt in our wounds and water in our lungs

But say the word and we'll go on and do that la dee da dee da da

This thing can't live without us
This tale's not writ without our psalms
It puts wine to our lips and greases our palms
Track Name: New World
New world you're wonderful and cruel
Formed from the stony ground
But for us just light and sound

Life like we'll take another
Sex ain't quite what we're after
Stylized to match your interests
This cause is a harsh mistress

What if we wanted more than this?
Such things we can't confess
To once just touch your soul and be cruel
Track Name: Hamilcar
They'll never take me alive
Many better men have tried
Begging bawling buying
Often moralizing
Till they say the hard goodbye

We have such soft and supple skin
It's too easy to let foreign objects in
When you're on top you're watching
To keep your heart from stopping
So we end where we begin

La dee da la dee dee
Rome makes promises she will not keep
La dee dee la dee da
The lion roared so they broke his jaw

I've never been on the right side
I've never known love from pride
When I'm dead I'm guessin'
I'll learn that final lesson
Till then I'm laying low and betting high